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Night Flight Sleepovers

Night Flight Sleepovers

So what is a night at the Museum really like? The displays don’t walk and talk, but the Museum will definitely come to life with interactive demonstrations and workshops, a guided tour by flashlight, and more.

Program Description

Experience a real “Night at the Museum” and sleep under the wings of world-renowned aircraft. Night Flight sleepovers include hands-on activities, time for a snack, a guided tour of the Museum by flashlight, and a movie. Choose your theme, or ask about custom options for scouts, guides, and air cadets.

Programs start at 6 p.m. and end at 9 a.m. the following morning. Dinner and breakfast are available upon request.

Aviation Night Flight

Try out the controls of a Cessna 150, participate in amazing aerodynamics experiments, sit in an ejection seat, and take a guided flashlight tour.

Space Night Flight

Sign up for astronaut training, conduct “Spacelab” experiments, and blast off in a rocket workshop. Plus, explore the Living in Space exhibition, see the Canadarm, and take a guided flashlight tour.

Already have somewhere to stay? Check out From the Ground Up, the Museum’s exciting evening program.

Curriculum Links

Night Flight activities meet many curriculum objectives in both Ontario and Quebec. If you have specific requirements, speak to Reservations staff about tailoring the program to your needs.

Teacher Tips

For comfort and security, all participants should bring these items. Supervision ratios are 1:6 for participants age 6 and under, 1:8 for participants ages 7 to 12, and 1:10 for participants ages 13 to 18.


$22 per participant; $15 per chaperone (minimum fee of $625; maximum 120 people)
All fees include applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.


Book your night to remember by completing the online reservation form or calling 613-991-3053 or 1-866-442-4416, at least three weeks in advance.

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